Projectile Motion

Dear Netherworld,
We here at Lightyear Coorporations are proud to present a death-inducing scare factor for your up and coming 2010 haunted house. We have created the projectile to satisfy the theme of Gargoyle. It will feature a human-cannon that will shoot a gargoyle through a ring of bats into an unsuspecting group of spectators. You may situate the cannon on a door frame 3 meters high. The cannon will shoot the gargoyle out at a 37 degree angle with an initial velocity of 9.1988 meters per second. The gargoyle will fly through the ring of bats positioned 4.15 meters away from the origin at a height of 4.56 meters. The safety net should be placed 8.3 meters away from the door frame. Although the gargoyle will be in the air for a mere 1.13 seconds, it is sure to deliver a great scare. Refer to the provided simulation. Thanks for your business!
Ryan Evans & Gabrielle Roty of Lightyear Corpse (*wink* lawl)